Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I begin

I am anonymous here in blog world and expect it will take some time for my blog to 'matter'. I visited the blog of a quilting world acquaintance - http://www.pamelamostek.com/ - and was blown away by the ease of navigation of her site, her blog, and her quilts. I am inspired.

I've finally gotten around (seven years after the fact) to begin piecing on my Year 2000 quilt. It is simple - 2000 two-inch squares cut from 2000 different fabrics. I humbly, and somewhat abashedly, note that those 2000 squares do not represent the entirety of my fabric 'collection'. Such is the life of a fabric collector.

My plan for the quilt, such that it is, is to start from the center with the white-on-white fabrics, and work outward, adding rows of colors sorted by value as I work outward. Of course, it's already veered away from the original plan as I find squares that should have been pieced in earlier rows. So, it's more like adding chunks of color value, rather than rows. The one consistent (I hope) feature will be a diagonal row of true black-and-white prints, beginning with mostly white and transitioning to all black.

In my scrapbook life, I'm doing a little bit of virtual, a little bit of hands-on and loving every minute of it. As soon as I figure out how to use this blog, I'll post my latest. By the way, did you know that scrapbooking is not considered a verb by Blogspot's spell checker?! Someone needs to get on the ball!


Deborah B. said...

Now ain't you something, blogging for all the world to see.

I surprised everyone at the RQ meeting with my very own "inchie". It's a one inch cathedral window with googly eyes as my decoration. I put a pin on the back so that I could wear it. Truly, I made three, but only one was fit for public viewing.

I'm looking forward to seeing your blogs.

Kim said...

I cannot believe it - a one inch cathedral window!

Did I miss the meeting again?! Duh, I thought it was this Friday. I was just telling my mom I was going to try to get to the meeting on Friday - boy wouldn't that be a surprise on me!

Thanks for visitin' and see you soon.