Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sam's Club

Last night we went grocery shopping at Sam's Club. Since we hadn't been in many months, we had to take a complete tour of the store, from electronics to automotive. You never know what you'll find at Sam's, and that's why I love it.

I've always purchased certain scrapbooking supplies there: gel pens, photo paper, inks, etc. Now they have real scrapbooking items - sets with paper and embellishments, carrier bags with goodies to go - but the real temptation was a huge chunk of printed cardstock. 320 sheets for $19.95! What a steal, right? Pedro kept saying, "How much paper do you already have?" over and over while my eyes glazed and I started to salivate. In the end, I put it back, after calculating that there were probably 16 sheets of each same design. However.....if three friends and I each put in 5 bucks, we would each get four sheets apiece, which are reversible, so that makes two sheets of each design, which is just perfect.....

Oh, how devious is the paper collector's mind!

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