Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm a sucker for a bargain. There is no arguing the fact that I'll buy stuff that's a "good deal" that I wouldn't normally purchase. So when my neighbor mentioned that Oriental Trading had some great deals on clearance scrapbooking supplies and they were offering free shipping on orders over $60, I figured I was good for half of that.
The order arrived last week and I was enjoying myself, unpacking the plastic bags everything comes in and finding tidy homes for each item. Then I came across these felt stickers.

It's obvious that the green stickers are holly leaves and the red stickers may be peppermint candies, but what in the heck are those brown things. They look like upside down octopi! After a few minutes of puzzling at them and trying to figure out what an octopus has to do with Christmas, the visual puzzle cleared itself and I could see it - they are REINDEER HEADS with curly swirly antlers. Okay.

So, I decided I needed to use these up right away before I forgot what they were. I laid them out in sections along the border of a 12x12 beige cardstock to form a frame. These little buggers were #@%& to get off the backing, tending to curl back on themselves. With a small tweezers and large patience, I did it. It took a good long while, let me tell you, and I didn't even use up the whole roll of border (and I still have another roll).

My younger son, coming it to visit, looked over my shoulder at the finished page and said, "Mom, why did you put octopus on that page?"

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~Angela~ said...

Hah! I couldn't figure it out either, and thought they were gingerbread people, until I saw the actual gingerbreads...then I really had to work to see the reindeer heads! As always, loooooove your blog! :-)