Tuesday, May 4, 2010

At Long Last Love

No, I'm not speaking of romance. I'm speaking of a quilt. My life has been so hectic between training my replacement, moving the office, traveling, and setting up my new computer room (purple, natch), that my quilting and blogging has taken a back seat. So today, when I actually had time to go through my backlog of email, I was so excited to find a link to Oh, Fransson!'s Paintbox Quilt

I just love this quilt and I think you will too. Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! made hers from bright, happy colors, but you could make it from any colors you like. You also don't have to make the squares exactly the same way.  Here's Perry Moffitt's squares, before she has a chance to even them up. They are much more random as you can see, but just as lovely. It will be awhile before she can set them in a quilt as she has a new baby to occupy her arms for a while.

You can look on the Flickr photo pool for over 630 different Paintbox quilts for inspiration. If you're like me, you're already in love and salivating to start a new quilt. Damn the UFOs, full speed ahead!

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