Monday, July 19, 2010

Teach one, reach one

Wiz of Oz A fellow quilter and guild member asked me the other day if I was contagious – passing on the quilting bug to all my friends. Well, it certainly seems that way. I am proud to introduce my friend Angela’s amazing Wizard of Oz quilt. She picked up the fabric from the internet and the local quilt shop and had questions about how to put it all together so that the different tones and colors would work well. We had lots of fun going through my extra fat quarters to find colors and prints that played well with the theme fabric.

After that I said, Add pieces until the blocks are all the same size, very vague instructions, I know. But Angela’s an experienced seamstress and crafter and she knew just what I meant, took it and ran with it. The finished top is 66 x 90 and absolutely stunning. I don’t know yet who the lucky recipient will be.Wiz of Oz 2


~Angela~ said...

YOU are the inspirational quilter and the excellent teacher!!!! Thank you!

sharon said...

As a teacher I agree. This is the perfect quilt to teach and reach.
Love it!