Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pink and Black on a Gray Day

Although the local news media and weather reporters are just aching for a nice, juicy hurricane to report, all they've gotten for the past four years are tropical storms and depressions. Lovely Tropical Storm Fay has decided to park herself right over our county and just sit here and drip rain on us for a few days.

So, what's better on a rainy, dreary day than some bright, new fabric. Yesterday the Fedex guy brought me my order from Hancock's of Paducah. The new fabrics for my Diamond challege quilt are spread out above in all their pink and black glory. Normally, I hate cutting into new fabric, but I can't wait with these babies.

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Amber said...

I just scrolled down and Post Crunchy Pecan is my very favorite bought cereal. Where I live it is hard to find, so I have to buy the one that has dates too, which I must then pick out. Nice blog, you have talents I don't even comprehend or attempt. I will be in Puerto Vallarta after Thanksgiving. Don't you love the colors they paint the houses, it is sort of like your quilts, beautiful happy colors everywhere. I come home each time and think blah and more blah. I keep wanting to paint my house fuschia or periwinkle but my neighbors would have a fit.