Monday, August 11, 2008

A Real Challenge

I've returned to our local quilting guild after an absence of over a year. In anticipation of the guild's 5 year anniversary luncheon in October, a quilt challenge was issued. In this type of challenge, you purchase a kit that gives your specific parameters that the finished quilt must meet. As you can see above, I received an 8" square of fabric with the instructions to make a quilt no larger than 30" on a side, with a visible amount of the challenge fabric and at least two 'diamonds'.

I took the square with me to the local quilt shop, thinking to find black and white stripes, but instead found a lovely pink, black and white stripe. That's my inspiration. And since I love making 6 pointed stars out of 60 degree 'diamonds', my quilt idea is hatching. Here's my first completed diamond - it's about 8" across.

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