Monday, September 29, 2008


I spent a good part of this past weekend up in my sewing room. I sorted, cut, folded, filed and trashed. I brought down a stack of boxes full of folded fat quarters for the garage sale. By Sunday morning, I had come to the end of all the fabric sorting and had started organzing and packing up the keepers. What a great sense of accomplishment! I could even see the top of my cutting table for the first time in six months.

Newly motivated, I decided to tackle the stacks of plastic storage bins under the cutting table. As way of explanation, my cutting table fits into an alcove in the corner of my sewing room and is bracketed to the wall on three sides, with space for storage underneath. Normally, I keep unfinished projects, batting, and scraps in bins under there.

About six months ago, we re-carpeted my sewing room and the upstairs landing. While the re-carpeting was going on, the entire contents of my sewing room were shoved into the boys' bedroom, mostly on Petie's side of the room. Once the carpeting was finished, Petie could not wait to get my stuff out of his room and happily began pushing boxes and bins out of his room and back into mine. He even pushed bins back under the cutting table. What a sweet boy!

Now that's the background on this story. With my fresh zeal and readiness to tackle the bins under the cutting table, I started pulling them out. Then I see it. Oh no, it can't be. How could? When? What the....? Behind the large bins in front, there lay in wait more fabric. Not just a little more, but yards and yards and yards of fabric. And most of it purple! How could I have this much fabric, out of sight and forgotten, and not realize it was missing! We're not talking about a box of fat quarters here, we're talking two stacks 2 feet tall of flat-folded cotton fabric, no piece larger than 2 yards. And all this fabric needs to be sorted, cut, folded and packed.

I'm discouraged. (Big sigh.)

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