Wednesday, November 5, 2008

48 (Again)

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 48. Here's the weird thing - I've been telling people I'm 48 for months now, if not the whole year. Why? I can't really figure it out. Is it because 48 is a nice round number? Was 47 not good enough? Am I in a hurry to qualify for senior shopping days or a membership in AARP? Or is it because my mind is slipping and peri-menopause has me as scatterbrained as Gracie Allen? There are women older and wiser than I that tell me this mind-slippage will pass once I finish menopause. Looking at my elder female family members, I'm in some doubt about this.

I received a new book in the mail today. It's a thin volume, and I usually like a little more meat to my quilting books, but has everything one would want to know about easy cutting and piecing of freehand curves and numerous well-illustrated examples from the simplest 4-patch blocks to a more challenging fiber art version. I also like the suggestions on quilting designs and concise instructions for binding with mitered corners. There are no corners cut with this book. Now, if I can ever get finished preparing for this Saturday's garage sale, I can actually get some quilting done.


Jean said...

Happy Birthday! The quilt book looks interesting, I will have to stop back and see what you are making. I am trying out some curved piecing right now too. It is fun and different to do.

Not sure if you know it, but you are featured on Blogger today.

Carol said...

Yes... Happy Birthday!
I took a class in Atlanta and made a quilt... Well I'm almost finished with the quilt top. It was a very different style for me and I ened up putting it up on the design wall and letting my 15 yr. old niece lay it out. Sher loves it, so I'm making it for her for Christmas.