Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sense of Accomplishment

A couple of weeks ago, exactly when I can't tell you, but it was the day that University of Florida played football at Vanderbilt, I agreed to join in a Christmas Tag swap. And although I procrastinated hugely, I actually got all 40 of my tags done! I made 8 each of 5 different tags to share with 7 others. I am so very, very happy with how the tags turned out. I loved the process of creating something simple and (I hope) beautiful. It feels pretty darn good to finish something and then give it away.

We met for breakfast at Panera, caught up on what everyone's been doing (two of our group ran a half-marathon the previous day), and then passed around our tags. It's always fun to see the different creative directions each person takes. And I'm always excited to give and get anything with glitter on it. Love that bling!

For breakfast, I had English Breakfast tea and a Spinach Artichoke souffle'. It seemed more like a mini quiche me than a souffle, but it was absolutely delicious. If you get a chance to go to a Panera during breakfast hours, grab one of these babies. I promise you won't be disappointed. For a mouth watering preview, see picture above.

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