Monday, January 5, 2009

Reuse, Renew

Over the past two weeks, I've been working on a scrapbooking project for my friend and neighbor and I gave it to her without taking pictures first! Oh well.

In between times, I try to go through my voluminous amounts of STUFF and pare down things that I acquired and haven't used. Many of the things I acquired came from when I was an "instructor" for "I Remember When" and was paying for an automatic monthly shipment of scrapbooking supplies. I had one small packet of die-cut and painted plastic pieces with a spring theme (eggs, tulips, clover). Scratching my head about what I was going to do with 10 four-leaf clovers, I remembered that I have an upcoming card exchange with the same group from my last post. I had signed up to do birthday tags, but I think I'm going to do card/tag combinations. Here is a card for a spring birthday (inside it says "It's your day to shine".)

It's odd how the color shifted when I scanned this. The green of the clover is almost the exact shade of green as the SMILE sticker, yet they scanned in the blue range. I know I could Photoshop the colors to correct them, but that would mean creating masks and layers and a bunch of other work.... Isn't this supposed to be fun?

I also found a huge amount of STUFF in a file sorter (and a fairly useless one at that) labeled OVERSIZE STICKERS. Now what kind of a category is that? Let's really call it STICKERS I WAS TOO BORED TO SORT AND SHOVED IN A FILE. The flowering bamboo sticker I used on the following card was one long 12-inch sticker that I cut into 3 parts, used two on front and 1 on the inside. The rubber stamp phrase is from Close To My Heart. Inside quote - "Wishing you a beautiful day".
This last card I made when I was so tired that I was having trouble focusing my eyes, so I'm kind of proud of how even everything is. I have a hard enough time getting things glued down straight and it usually takes me a few tries (thank goodness for repositionable adhesive.) The little animal stickers were about 12" long, so I cut them up into sections to frame the card. After getting the animals on, I was stumped on what to do next or what sentiment the card needed. I didn't have any larger appropriate animal stickers or rubber stamp animal images. I didn't want to do a zoo theme or Noah's ark theme. These colored scraps begged to be included, and the word sticker popped up from stickers I had sorted earlier in the day. Inside, I framed out with more animals and put the following phrase in a jaunty font - "Have a fun-filled day".
Tonight I will make matching tags.

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