Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Excitement of Travel

Today is our third day in New York City. Day one was a travel day, which is inevitably tiring, but we still managed to pull off a hike around central Manhattan, seeing Radio City Music Hall, the big retailers on Fifth Avenue including Macy's and Bloomie's, and St. Patrick's Cathedral. Yesterday we saw the Yankee's victory parade from Battery Park, shopped a little, went to Staten Island on the ferry and managed to get stuck there due to a riot at the ferry terminal on the Manhattan side. Eventually back to Manhattan, on to Ground Zero, then subway and bus to Greenwich Village for my birthday dinner at Veselka, an Ukrainian restaurant that's been there for 44 years. After that we rode the bus around Greenwich Village and the East Village, hopped off to change buses and ended up back on the subway for the trip back to Queens.

So, are you worn out yet? I am. Today we stayed in Queens (today two of the places I wanted to go to in Manhattan are closed for the Jewish sabbath). We went to Jamaica Center, a shopping area much like a glorified flea market, with lots of cheap shoes, clothing and jewelry, mostly faux in some way, but we found a few bargains. No place to eat, though, except McDonald's and Subway, and we have vowed to stay away from chain restaurants during this trip. So, back to Queens Boulevard and a tiny little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant for General Tso's and Garlic chicken. Mm-mmm.

I love this neighborhood. It's called Briarwood, and is a combination of small businesses, attached multi-family homes, skinny little single family homes and apartments. The streets are tree lined and quiet. It hardly seems like New York. Of course, our hotel is on the main thoroughfare and not as quiet, but a great deal for us.

We got back to our room and, sadly, it was not made up, so I tucked down here to the business center to blog while our bed gets made and towels changed out. I am worn out and its only 4:45 p.m. My dogs are barkin' as my dad would say.

Here's a secret - don't tell Pedro! A few days ago, a cute little dachsund puppy was born with Minnie Mouse ears in black on her back, and brown spots on white. She just happens to be designated for me in 8 weeks. A little spotted long-haired doxie!

Almost out of time, $2.00 for 20 minutes, so I'd better hit PUBLISH and get this posted.

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